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What is Data Safeguarding and Why Is it Important for Your Business?

Data Safeguading

Data safeguarding is applying methods that protect sensitive data from bad actors. It aims to reduce the risk of data breaches which can cause harm to business operations, customers, and stakeholders. 

Businesses should protect data from loss, unauthorized access, corruption, or theft. Genesis 360 employs the latest technologies to protect data from hackers. Additionally, we provide technical consulting to help our clients develop and implement data protection strategies.  

Safeguarding Strategies

Safeguarding data involves taking a dynamic approach to account for changing technology risks and business environments. Such measures include:

Data Backup

This is likely the most apparent data protection strategy. Data backup is making copies of existing information in case of damage, deletion, or other data risks. For many businesses, backing up information is a standard measure in their Disaster Recovery Plan. 

Businesses depend on the information, which is essential for their operations to function. Data stored in files, databases, and applications should be backed up frequently. 

Network Security and Firewalls

A firewall is a system that improves internet safety by reducing unauthorized access to an organization’s network from the web. It achieves this by filtering unwanted traffic out and only permitting safe traffic. 

There will always be hackers trying to gain unauthorized access. What makes this strategy important is that it allows protection against malicious internet traffic and keeps your information secure while on the network.

Physical Infrastructure

As much as we should avoid possible harm done remotely over the internet, the risk of good old-fashioned physical damage still looms. Another strategy to safeguard business data is to take time and consider physical security. 

Infrastructure security measures include surveillance cameras, server room security, access control systems, and others. They can easily prevent unauthorized physical access to data and computing facilities. 

Data Encryption

What is the whole point of locking out homes? Easy: to let in only those with the key. Data encryption involves converting information into a secret code or format, usually to prevent access by unintended users. 

Just like having a key permit only those who belong into the house (everyone else must be explicitly invited), encrypting data will only allow those with digital keys to translate cipher text (coded text) back into original value. Thus, encryption helps businesses prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

Data Backup and Restoration with Genesis 360

Genesis 360 provides support to meet all your technology needs. We protect your data from hacker agents and other bad actors trying to gain unauthorized access through various cyber-attack methods. You can contact us for services like data backup and restoration, cloud hosting, network monitoring, firewall installation, and IT Security consulting. We’re always here to help.  


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