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Microsoft 365 and Email Support: A Wake-up Call for Businesses

In the rapidly growing technology industry, businesses are facing a need to adapt and innovate, leaving little room for digital ignorance. This pressure is worsened by the ever-increasing expectations of customers and stakeholders. Managing all these tasks to meet operational requirements can be a daunting task for many companies. This is where Genesis 360 steps in and provides comprehensive technology services.

From Cloud Hosting and Backup Services, Cybersecurity, and Data Backup and Restoration, to Office 365 and Email Support; Genesis 360 offers a complete suite of solutions that allow companies to focus on growth while leaving the tech worries to the experts. With the likes of Office 365 and Email Support services, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and ensure their technology needs are met with excellence.

What is Microsoft 365 by The Way?

Microsoft 365 is a family of products including Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. However, the package includes amazing tools like Teams, Exchange Email, SharePoint, and OneDrive cloud storage that make collaboration and implementing cloud-based services simple.

This service has revolutionized the way business and individuals collaborate, share files, which makes everyone more productive. Therefore, it comes with no surprise that Microsoft would declare it to have been ‘designed to help you pursue your passion and run your business.’

Like other pieces of technologies, the dark truth prevails – not everyone is technically savvy enough or has the time to use Microsoft 365 at its full potential. The impact? Missing out. Those who embrace the technology stay ahead of the game, and those who don’t, well, they don’t.

Common Challenges and Worries Around Microsoft 365

Are you making the most of Microsoft 365? Probably not. By ‘the most’ we mean that your business is likely struggling in areas that might be easily resolved with our Office 365 and Email Support Services.

Managing User and Accounts

The implications of poor user and account management includes:

  • Paying more than you need for unused licenses.
  • Purchasing higher level licenses than is required for the user
  • Setting incorrect user privileges which ensures users only have access to what they should and that your domain and email is not being made vulnurable by unwitting users
  • Inundation of password reset requests

Email Management

How do you create a new email, email alias or shared mailbox? What’s the difference?  Which should you pay for and which do not require a license?

Not knowing the answers to these questions can cost a business. It can also create security and access issues if not done correctly. Not to mention, setting up email in Windows Outlook client isn’t always so clear cut.

Security Concerns

Technology is migrating from local to cloud storage and the likes of Microsoft 365’s robust cybersecurity infrastructure aims at addressing this concern. However, knowing what security measures to take and how the implementation of those measures may affect business users is essential.

Moving to the cloud means it is an absolute necessity to get serious about security (as necessary as the cloud itself). 

Embrace All the Perks of Office 365 Support, You’ll Thank You

Proper User Management

You get hands-on email and Office 365 support aimed at easing user integration into business’s technologies. Additional managed IT services aim at helping businesses monitor user integration, system reporting, and alerting; to name a few.

Seamless Collaboration

Extensive Office 365 support provided by companies like Genesis 360 allows you to learn to leverage relevant technology tools and strategize it to your business needs. This is bound to bring about increased productivity in teams due to increased workplace collaboration.

Advanced System Integration

Managed IT services makes it easy to work across all software tools and platforms without worrying about technical expertise and risks.

Maximum Security

By investing in the cyber security protection services, you are ensuring that all your technology investments do not backfire to be a loss for your business. The right support always considers that vulnerability.

Genesis 360’s Support and Beyond

Let’s face it: the level of complexity and sophistication in technologies that apply to our business contexts is sometimes unbearable. Technology is evolving and advancing like never before and we pride ourselves in keeping you ahead of your game and capitalizing on these technologies with ease.

Our Advanced Tech Support Services such as Email and Office 365 Support, alongside a whole range of trusted Information Technology Services have established us as the go-to single-source tech support partner for many businesses and individuals.

Do not try to figure it all by yourself. Consult the trusted information technology partners!


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